<html> <head> <title> BKMS Superkart Racing Team - Paul Kennings & Neil Bagley </title> <META name="BKMS Superkart Racing Team - Paul Kennings & Neil Bagley" content="BKMS Racing is a small team who race Division 1 Superkarts at National and International level. The team currently has two drivers (Paul Kennings and Neil Bagley) and are the current Division 1 British Superkart Champions. For more information on BKMS Racing and Superkarts please browse this site. Anyone wishing to support Paul or Neil in their National and International Superkart campaigns are invited to contact them on paul.kennings@tiscali.co.uk."> <META name="keywords" content="BKMS, Superkart, Racing, Paul Kennings, Neil Bagley" </head> <frameset border="0" noresize="noresize" rows="20%,80%"> <frame src="Top Frame Home.html"> <frameset cols="23%,54%,23%"> <frame src="Left Frame.html"> <frame src="Centre Frame.html"> <frame src="Right Frame.html"> </frameset> </frameset> </html>